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Parallel Lines


Combination of Ab exercises designed to strengthen your core (30min)

Monday / Wednesday / Friday @ 9am

Athletex Performance Training

Elevate your fitness with our APT programming where you will train like an athlete. Experience enhanced performance, a better quality of life, and more impressive athletic physique.  All while transforming your power, strength, stability, and conditioning through this dynamic performance program.  Unleash your potential, live vibrantly, and radiate confidence on the field, court, or mountain. (60min)

Tue / Thur @ 5p


Fast paced and fun full body workout; you will move through a variety of workout stations set up by the instructor incorporating equipment and your body weight to build strength and endurance. (60min)

Mon / Wed / Fri @ 6am

Tue / Thur @ 8am


Instructor led fun and fast paced cycling bike class. (60min)

Mon / Wed / Fri @8am

Mon / Wed @5pm

Outdoor Rides Tues (road) / Thur (mtb) @5:30am

Kids Ninja

Combination of parkour, gymnastics & obstacles while teaching fundamentals in body awareness and play. Class includes games, running, swinging, jumping, and flipping. Perfect for kiddos age 4-10! (60min)

Mon / Wed @ 4pm

Functional Athletex

This is a strength, conditioning, and mobility class to help you move your best in your year-round outdoor activities! We focus on Ski/Snowboard winter strength training and Running summer strength training. (60min)

Tue / Thur @ 6:15pm

Pranayama Breathwork

Guided Breath session with the infusion of sound for a mind, body and spirit reset. (60min)

Fri @ 11am

SloFlo Yoga

Warm, restorative style class with gentle, slow sequences and pauses for longer holds in each position (All Levels) (60min)

Mon / Wed @ 7pm

Tue / Thur @ 6:30p

Altitude Barbell Club

Designed around the barbell and all of its movements. From powerlifting (bench press, deadlifts, and squats), weight-lifting (clean, jerk and snatch) to strongman, conventional, unorthodox weighted movements. Coach led classes teach proper technique and mechanics for moving weight safely. (60min)

Mon-Fri @ 7am & 12pm

Tue/Thur @ 6am

Mon/Wed @ 5pm


Focused on Strengthening the Abs & Glutes  using light weights to tone and shape.  (30min)

Tue / Thur @ 9am


Awesome combination of Yoga, Pilates & body weight, with infusion of weights for that extra spice. Come have fun & sweat! (60min)

Mon / Wed / Fri @ 9:30am


Take on a new challenge and step out of your comfort zone! The perfect combination of cardio, strength training, and functional movements that will give you the energy to power through your day. (60min)

Mon / Wed / Fri @ 8am

Atos Brazilian JiuJitsu

We offer a robust Grappling Program for all ages and levels.  Please visit our Atos BJJ affiliate page for more information and class schedule.

Power Vinyasa

Heated, powerful Vinyasa flow with a peak pose that the class builds upon up to the end of each month. (50min)

Mon / Wed @ 6pm

Restorative Yoga

Warm, slow stretches with a focus on balance and range of motion (All Levels) (45-60min)

Tue / Thur@ 7am & 9:30am

Vinyasa Flow

Heated, energetic Vinyasa style flow for the first half-hour with a slowed down last 15 minutes to fully stretch deeper into the warmed up muscles (Level 2) (45min)

Mon / Wed / Fri @7am

Tue / Thur @ 5:30pm 


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